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Le Potager de Charlotte opens its second plant-based restaurant

For their second address, Chef David Valentin and his brother Adrien take us to the west of Paris, in a cozy atmosphere with natural colours, for a new experience of modern and gourmet plant-based cuisine.

The new restaurant Le Potager de Charlotte opened its doors last February. Three years after the opening of the first restaurant, rue de la Tour d’Auvergne, the two brothers signed up for a new adventure on rue Rennequin, in the 17th arrondissement of Paris.

A forty-place room opens onto the bar and the kitchen. The green and woody tones recall the world of plants and make this house a cozy and warm place.

It is a place that reflects the image of the Chef, humble and discreet, who has strong and modern values ​​and for whom this second address gives a new dimension to the plant-based cuisine he offers.

A menu with natural colours

On the menu, we find the unavoidable chickpea and avocado pancakes in a hard-boiled egg style. Dishes that have been a hit among customers since the beginning of the family adventure.

Photo credit: Le Potager de Charlotte

However, the Chef offers a new signature starter. Grilled romaine lettuce with garlic cream, roasted hazelnuts and black garlic, surprises as much by its simplicity as by its originality.

For the main course, we find sweet potatoes purée with grilled sesame cream, crunchy beetroot, roasted cauliflower, smoked tofu, black sesame, leek sprouts and chives, which the faithful of the first address already know.

But it is the wild rice that makes the difference here, with its pumpkin cream and its combinations of cumin, button mushrooms, red onions, roasted sunflower seeds, Jerusalem artichoke and sumac.

Photo credit: Le Potager de Charlotte

The Shira Spices come in filigree, create unique taste associations and spice up dishes with delicacy.

For dessert, the cocoa cream offers a revisited, lighter and smoother recipe. The semi-baked chocolate pear also promises wonders.

Photo credit: Le Potager de Charlotte

On the new spring menu, a dish of millet and grilled asparagus makes its entry, as well as a cream of peas and spelt soup and a green quinoa salad.

At the bar, the menu offers organic or biodynamic wines with the Demeter label. Some non-alcoholic drinks are also organic and we particularly recommend the home-grown, family-grown apple juice.

The Chef has partnered with a roaster to create a unique coffee. A specialty with floral and chocolate notes, from responsible and environmentally friendly farms, which you can also buy on site.

Le Potager de Charlotte offers 100% homemade cuisine, mostly organic, which evolves with the seasons and encourages biodiversity and short circuits by being a signatory of the CERVIA charter.

A vision and values

At Le Potager de Charlotte, nature takes on its full meaning.

For David Valentin, it is about offering an experience that is as close as possible to what nature gives us. It means transmitting a sensitivity and harmony to his home.

Very present in the kitchen, David gives a particular dynamic to his new place. He tells us that “when the impulse comes from the kitchen, the Chef’s vision is reflected right in the plate and the experience is complete. Passionate and committed, he wants to stay close to customers and ensure a good quality of service.

This young, humble and discreet Chef offers plant-based cuisine in the era of time and is aware of all the progress that remains to be made.

David likes to quote Jean Cocteau: “We must do today what everyone will do tomorrow”. A sentence that expresses all the convictions of plant-based cuisine. It is a question of making the efforts today, that will make it possible to build the food of tomorrow. Because ultimately, whether you are a restaurant owner or a consumer, the only possible reaction really comes from you.

Translated by Malvika Kathpal

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