Our key partners

Partnership with the Chefs

On Graines de Papilles, we talk about the Chefs we have met or discussed with. This exchange allows us to get to know the people we talk about and to validate the relevance of the topics.

In the majority of cases, we go on site to discover and test the Chef’s plant-based offer in the restaurant. If this is not possible, we make sure to obtain all relevant information to ensure the reliability of the topics.

We choose the restaurants according to the quality of their plant-based offer and the Chef’s approach to this theme.

If you are a Chef with a plant-based offer, we will be delighted to discover it.

Partnership with brands

On Graines de Papilles, we talk about brands and products whose values we appreciate and which make sense in the context of the media.

The majority of the products we talk about on Graines de Papilles are tested and approved. It is possible that some products are not, but we always have an exchange with the creator of the brand and reliable informations that allow us to validate the interest of the subject.

The articles published on Graines de Papilles are generally the result of research, product or service discovery, participation in press events, etc., in order to get to know the world better.

We choose the brands we wish to work with, according to what they offer and the values they embody.

If you are a brand and your products or services resonate with plant-based gastronomy, we will be delighted to discover them.

Types of partnerships

Sponsored articles

A sponsored article is a paid content that aims to promote a subject, a brand, a place, a person…

Graines de Papilles participates in partnerships in the form of sponsored content, by writing qualified and targeted articles on the theme of plant-based gastronomy.

However, we retain total freedom in our editorial line and our comments. Our commitment to sponsored articles is the subject of an in-depth study with our partners, to guarantee our editorial consistency. No content is imposed on us and articles written by the brands themselves will not be accepted.

If you are a brand, a restaurant or a Chef, sponsored content on our media can be interesting to gain visibility with a “general public” audience. The topics covered can include all aspects of the restaurant and food service industry: cooking, pastry, tableware…

For any partnership request, please contact us.

If you are a B2B brand, please visit the Institut de la Gastronomie Végétale website where we offer targeted partnerships for a professional audience.

Content affiliation

Graines de Papilles participates in affiliation programmes. These programs are designed to allow websites to receive a payment through the creation of links.

We pay particular attention to the affiliate links we create in our articles, in order to guarantee quality content.

If you are a brand participating in an affiliate programme, please let us know.

Public Relations

Public relations refer to the communication activities between a public relations specialist and the journalistic media. They include all actions carried out for the press and journalists with the aim of obtaining favourable press coverage for the company or its products.

As part of its editorial angle, Graines de Papilles is led to talk about certain brands, which gives them favourable coverage with regard to a qualified and targeted audience.

To be able to speak with full knowledge of the facts, we need to be informed in good time of any news or new products.

We receive numerous press releases on the subject of catering and food service. As plant gastronomy is a niche sector, press releases on this subject are still rare and often diluted in other themes.

To make sure you don’t miss out, we recommend that you include our media in your press file at and send us the press releases you consider relevant. If you have any doubts about the interest of the topic, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will confirm it together.

We will also be delighted to take part in your press events to discover your products and services and to talk about them on Graines de Papilles if this is relevant.

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