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The Shangri-La Hotel Paris plant-based teatime

Michaël Bartocetti is a young Chef who is not at his first try. After several years at the Plaza Athénée where he worked as Pastry Chef with Alain Ducasse, he met Chef Christophe Moret, then Executive Chef of Shangri-La. The two men get along very well right away. They have the same vision of things and the intuition that plants are the future of gastronomy. This is the beginning of their collaboration.

When Michaël Bartocetti arrived at the first 100% green dinner party, he discovered that the demand for plant-based cuisine was growing. This is how he got the desire to offer an elegant and refined pastry, which is structured and gourmet, in line with tradition. The 100% Vegan Afternoon Tea stand therefore becomes a must at Shangri-La’s La Bauhinia restaurant, a real sweet and savoury pleasure to be savoured at tea time.

La Bauhinia
Photo Credit: Karine Castro

With a team of 18 people, 5 of whom are dedicated to Vegan Afternoon Tea, Michaël Bartocetti does not do things by halves. All products are carefully selected. Rare and seasonal products, from biodynamic agriculture, for a high-quality result.

For Michaël Bartocetti, the biggest difficulty in plant-based pastry is to replace the eggs and gelatine. Alternative products are therefore tested such as pectins, cereals or algae. The way of working the product is also different, but all this is built through hard work and daring.

The most important thing in Michaël Bartocetti’s kitchen is ethics and transparency. Everything is in the state of mind and the philosophy that this new cuisine embodies. And you can feel it. All the customers meet there and join the Afternoon Teatime after having experienced it. Those who taste it for the first time without even knowing that it is plant-based products, are pleasantly surprised and want to come back.

A success that the Chef did not expect. A well-deserved success.

Translated by Malvika Kathpal

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The Vegan Afternoon Tea is available since September 2015 with a renewed spring menu. Visit the menu

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