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Les Petites Pousses, the organic and delicious plant-based dessert

Created in 2016 by Stéphanie Rome, mother of two little girls who are intolerant to milk proteins, Les Petites Pousses is a brand of plant-based dessert with multiple possibilities.

A 100% French brand

The idea of ​​Les Petites Pousses started in the capital of Flanders. It is in Lille that the recipes are imagined and in Burgundy that the vegetable specialties are produced.

A little further east, in Alsace, the pots are made from polypropylene, a recyclable plastic known to be without any health risk.

And it is in Châteauroux that the packaging is printed from cardboard from sustainably managed European forests and vegetable inks.

A national production, therefore, in short circuit, for a 100% French brand.

Ingredients from a good source

At Les Petites Pousses, the taste lies in the simplicity. The ingredients are 100% organic, natural and minimally processed for healthy plant-based recipes.

And that’s not all! The brand is committed to diversified organic agriculture. Desserts, without soy, are less greedy in natural resources than their dairy equivalents and thus allow to vary the nutritional intake.

Les Petites Pousses is a committed brand that works with respect for health and the environment. Trying them is adopting them, to do good to our daily life and to our planet.

Photo Credit: Marie Sweet & Sour

The ranges of Petites Pousses

The brand offers two ranges of natural and organic desserts, 100% plant-based, gluten-free, without additives or artificial flavours, with minimally processed ingredients.

The almond milk range

In almond desserts, there is an armful of plain almonds, an armful of almonds with vanilla and an armful of almonds with raspberries.

The coconut milk range

In the funny coconuts, we find an armful of plain coconut, an armful of coconut with lemon and an armful of coconut with raspberry.

In the coconuts of the islands, we can find an armful of banana coconut, an armful of mango-passion coconut and an armful of vanilla coconut.

In the small pleasures, we find the pleasure of coconut with cocoa and the pleasure of coconut with cane sugar.

Photo Credit: Marie Sweet & Sour

Endless recipes

Sometimes brewed fermented, sometimes dessert, the Petites Pousses preparations allow us to leave room for our creativity to invent various recipes.

Cookies, tarts, muffins, toasts or pizzas, here you will find some sweet and savoury recipe ideas.

Les Petites Pousses are currently sold in some large stores such as Carrefour, Carrefour Market, Auchan, Casino, Monoprix, Colruyt, and Cora.

The brand works in a gourmet and entertaining approach. It plays on words to bring a playful side to its communication. We can thus find humorous messages with several meanings.

A great idea that do the organic good, for our greatest happiness!

Translated by Malvika Kathpal

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