Le Potager de Charlotte
Crédit Photo : Le Potager de Charlotte

Le Potager de Charlotte

Soft and delicate, with sober and natural colours, Le Potager de Charlotte is a brand new neighbourhood restaurant located in the heart of the 9th arrondissement. It will undoubtedly make a name for itself.

After six months of work, the restaurant was born, to the great pleasure of fans of plant-based and gourmet cuisine… but not only. The clientele is diverse, everyone comes with pleasure, to taste the dishes concocted by David Valentin, and to chat, just like at home.

A family affair

Le Potager de Charlotte is a family story. The story of two brothers, David (the Chef) and Adrien (the Naturopath), who were passionate about plant-based cuisine and who created this place where their creativity is fully expressed.

Charlotte is David and Adrien’s mother. Present in the room, she willingly helps. We can feel the maternal benevolence and active involvement of this mother who helps the family project to grow.

The tree is the symbol of the restaurant. It represents the desire to make something grow, the idea of ​​a blooming that occurs over time, an awakening of the taste buds, a transmission of values ​​and flavours.

A natural way of life

It was over a “late breakfast” that I could feel this place and chat with David and Adrien. Always attentive, they are never far away.

On the menu: various breads, jams, coconut or mango butter, pancakes with agave syrup, seasonal fruits, juices and smoothies, cocoa and hazelnut spread, almond milk granola and hard-boiled avocado. Everything is homemade and nothing is missing!

Photo Credit: Karine Castro

Photo Credit: Karine Castro

Leaving Le Potager de Charlotte it is like leaving a bit of home, with a nice memory in mind and the desire to come back no matter what. Because here, we feel art of living naturally, which comforts and warms the heart.

Translated by Malvika Kathpal

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