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BrEAThe, eat like you breathe

In the heart of the 9th arrondissement of Paris, a new address is worth talking about. BrEAThe is the new vegan bistronomy restaurant, which breathes new life into the neighbourhood.

BrEAThe was born from a common project between Claire, Richard and Laetitia.

After having thought about the Parisian vegetarian offer, the desire to offer a place to eat and drink plant-based in a relaxed atmosphere at affordable prices quickly became evident to the three friends. They then decide to create their restaurant and it is in this festive spirit that BrEAThe opened its doors last September.

Claire is the head Chef. She built the menu by imagining the dynamics of the dishes.

Laetitia worked on the graphics and visual identity of the restaurant. She is in charge of the dining room, accompanied by Richard, who is in charge of the cocktails.

The restaurant is anchored in a Pop-Art universe imagined around a multicoloured fresco that draws the eye to the ceiling. On the one hand, rounded shapes and bold colours. On the other, clean and pure lines. The whole comes together by a mirror game and brings a balance of colours.

Modern flavours

Gourmets and gourmets, BrEAThe’s dishes all have a touch of originality. The goal is to bring new flavours to known flavours, to surprise people mainly through taste.

For Claire, it is important that the customer does not realise that this is an exclusively plant-based cuisine. No such information is mentioned, moreover. The idea is that the offer should be accessible to all, without creating a feeling of exclusion.

On the menu this spring, we will therefore find a plate to share and four choices of starters, including a spring roll, roasted mini carrots and a cold soup.

Then four main course choices, including a toast of green pesto, white tea broth, sautéed spelt, as well as a new version of the seitan burger with Cajun spice mayonnaise, avocado cream, coriander and lime and Seared Portobello mushroom.

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As for the desserts, you will have to choose between the hibiscus mousse with rhubarb compote and sponge cake; the coconut shortbread with coconut and lime mousse, roasted pineapple with amber rum; the brioche perdue with vanilla cream, pieces of Speculoos and fresh raspberries; and the iced snickers with vanilla whipped cream, caramel heart, roasted peanuts, coated with chocolate and peanut chips.

Photo Credit: brEAThe Restaurant

A menu that favours fresh, organic and local products as much as possible, and which offers a reading in the form of a journey starting with cocktails.

At the bar, classic cocktails are revisited, such as the Rive Gauche Mule in reference to the Moscow Mule. The names given to the drinks are also a nod to the history of the Pigalle district, such as Madame Violette.

Customers can thus cling to tradition and what they know to try new experiences with confidence.

Photo Credit: brEAThe Restaurant

A satisfied clientele

The restaurant’s customers are mainly locals. Rather flexitarians, they come out of curiosity to try different dishes or for the place itself, attracted by its originality.

The BrEAThe team puts a high point in taking care of its customers. In addition to their warm welcome, Laetitia and Richard provide many explanations on the composition of the dishes, gladly answer questions and take the time to listen.

Customers are generally surprised by the dishes offered and the originality of the place. Two good reasons to come back.

A question of balance

The change of menu each season gives a natural dynamic to the dishes offered. Always looking for new ideas, Claire is inspired above all by what people around her like and is already studying the next brunch offer to come up with a new concept. Imagining her menu taking everyone into account allows her to find the right balance so that everyone is satisfied.

brEAThe is that English word that means ‘to breathe’ By interweaving the word EAT, the name of the restaurant carries with it a balanced play on words, which lets the imagination run wild.

brEAThe supports the idea of ​​a new lease of life for plant-based cuisine and a revival for all those who wish to eat differently. Eat like you breathe… That might be the secret.

Translated by Malvika Kathpal

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