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Absoluthé, the powdered tea with an absolute taste

How about tasting tea differently? Absoluthé is a young brand of new generation organic teas and infusions, offering an innovative alternative to tea consumption.

Finely ground and water-soluble, Absoluthé teas offer a new tea drinking ritual that is simpler, healthier and more sustainable. 

Powdered tea to save the planet

Alone with our cup of tea, we sometimes feel a little guilty. These hand-picked, carefully processed tea leaves, travelling thousands of kilometres to us, end up too easily in the bin. 

It’s just a tea bag,” you might say. In reality, it is much more than what we think. Put end to end, 15,000 tonnes of tea are thrown away each year in France, not to mention all the packaging, most often plastic and single-use. 

At a time when we are fighting food waste and reducing waste, this mode of consumption is proving to be ecological nonsense. Faced with this observation and to provide an answer to this problem, Camille Douay and David Snanoudj created Absoluthé. 

Matcha tea as a source of inspiration

Matcha is a traditional Japanese green tea, whose particularity is to be finely ground. Its preparation is a real ceremony, mixing requirement, grace and simplicity to prepare the best tasting of this noble tea. Matcha is a tea with a unique and refined flavour, but also a tea highly prized for its antioxidant content.

If grinding tea is possible for matcha, why not apply it to other teas? This was Absoluthé’s initial idea. An idea that would make it possible to combine product quality, richness of taste, ease of use and sobriety in terms of the quantity of plants consumed. 

A meticulous selection of plants for an exceptional tea

The plants are carefully selected, in bloom or in whole leaves, to guarantee meticulous picking and drying while respecting the taste and the benefits of the plants. 

Committed to a sustainable approach, the brand only retains certified organic plants and mainly chooses flowering or whole leaf plants to guarantee product quality and respect for know-how. After being tested and then compared, only the tastiest plants are selected.

Grinding is the essential step where the plants go from their initial size to that of fine powder. To achieve this result, Absoluthé uses different processes, from the most rudimentary (such as pestle and mortar) to the most technological. The aim is to guarantee the same taste before and after the grinding of each plant. This work requires a great knowledge of plants to know how to adapt to their specificities.

Sieving is the next step that filters out the powder that has not been sufficiently ground. This part, most often composed of plant fibres, is ground a second time, before being added to the fine powder.

Mixing is the final step. For multi-ingredient recipes, the plants are ground individually and then mixed in the right proportions to obtain a unique final recipe.

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Healthy, practical and sustainable tea

Absoluthé is the opportunity to drink exceptional tea in a modern and sustainable way. 

A healthy tea “Made in France” with 100% organic plants, without additives, promoting the release of active plant ingredients.

A practical tea that can be prepared quickly, without infusion time, offering a stable taste over time, without developing bitterness. 

A sustainable tea because it has zero waste, with six times fewer plants than a classic tea. 

The Absoluthé box contains pretty secrets. Compact, reusable, refillable and recyclable, it contains a small measuring spoon made of French wood, which facilitates the work and the tea ritual.

Photo Credit: Absoluthé

A range of teas in the heart of flowers

The current range is available in three flavours.

Jasmine green tea “Fleur de Jade”

This captivating tea takes us on a refined journey to the Middle Kingdom. Sweet and very fragrant, this green tea has been infused with jasmine flowers according to ancestral methods. To be enjoyed in the morning or during the day, to provide energy. Origin: China

“A Thousand and One Roses” Damascus Roses Infusion

This infusion exclusively composed of Damascus roses, releases a sensual fragrance and envelops us in softness for a moment of well-being and cocooning. Ideal in the evening to soothe our senses. Origin: Africa

Infusion Rooibos, Hibiscus, Vanilla “Terre d’Afrique” infusion

The blend brings together the sweetness of rooibos, the gluttony of vanilla with the tangy notes of hibiscus for a journey through Africa. A perfect drink for afternoon tea or in the evening. Origin: Africa

Three new flavours will soon join the current range:

  • Fujian Mountains, a white Pai Mu Tan tea as good hot as it is cold,
  • Thé des Rizières, a green tea from Vietnam with a slightly full-bodied character,
  • Voie Lactée, an oolong milky tea with gourmet notes of milk, butter, vanilla and chocolate.

Behind Absoluthé, we hear the word “solute” in reference to tea powder soluble in water. The adjective “absolute” reflects the brand’s ambition to preserve product quality in terms of taste and benefits. The very fine powder offered by Absoluthé makes it much more powerful than tea leaves or whole flowers, which gives it immense creative potential. Absoluthé, therefore, expresses this paradox of the power of the infinitely small.

Absoluthé awakens the senses and consciousness and gives us the opportunity to taste tea differently. Enough to broaden our rituals and open up our taste perspectives, around a delicious, healthy and absolutely powdery tea.

Translated by Malvika Kathpal

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