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Vegan cuisine by Sébastien Kardinal

If there is a character that needs no introduction in the world of vegan cuisine, it is Sébastien Kardinal. For 30 years, he has been immersed in the vegetarian culture, observing the evolution of plant-based gastronomy in France. Self-taught cook and culinary author, he is today an essential reference and a source of inspiration.

Sébastien has always loved cooking. As a child, he observed his grandmother carrying the values ​​of traditional cuisine and followed his parents in the discovery of different culinary universes. A favourable family environment led him to have an open look at all gastronomic cultures and other ways of eating. 

Having become a vegetarian at the age of 14, he quickly became interested in vegan cuisine, tastes combinations, aromatic accords and understanding techniques. 

Through his experience, he has contributed to the evolution of vegan culture in France and brought a breath of modernity to this style of cooking.

Quirky cuisine for some, avant-garde for others, but above all a cuisine full of resources that opens up to the future.

Photo Credit: Laura VeganPower

Recipes and men

For a few years now, Sébastien has been talking about his passion for plant-based cuisine on the web. 

In 2007, with his partner Laura, he created VG Zone, the first reference website that lists vegan products, restaurants and shops in Paris.

Since 2013, Sébastien has also written several cookbooks on all the food trends of recent years – Street food culture, Some like it raw, I design a superb vegan cheese board, Bloggers cook vegan, A la française, Ma small vegan butcher shop, Ma petite crèmerie, Aquafaba, PST (textured soy protein), Urban Vegan, FoodPorn Vegan, Seitan – books he would have liked to have had in his vegan journey.

Aimed primarily at the general public, Sébastien Kardinal’s books are also intended for Chef restaurateurs who can use them as inspiration to reflect on their vegan offerings. 

Sébastien has also contributed to the writing of culinary pages for various specialized magazines. But it is today on Instagram and on his Youtube channel that he is most easily found, with reviews and tests on the novelties of plant-based cuisine.

Sébastien likes to share what he knows and what he tries. Critical and gourmet, he enjoys eating well as much as cooking well, as long as it is good, consistent and respectful of the living.

From street food to high-end gastronomy

Sébastien’s cuisine is generous, gourmet and invigorating, the antithesis of healthy food. With a staging around foodporn, he plays on this to show that eating vegan is not necessarily linked to a diet or a healthy approach. 

Sébastien wants to break down preconceptions and archetypes, to break the dusty heritage that pursues plant-based cuisine. To do this, he discusses different styles. From traditional local cuisine to street food, he covers a diverse culinary palette without ever falling into the culture of vegetables.

Photo Credit: Laura VeganPower

A methodical work since he studies the smallest details to create his recipes, while being inspired by classic techniques. The objective is to achieve a mastery of tastes and an authentic result, to satisfy the greatest number of people.

Sébastien Kardinal follows the movement while cooking a cuisine that resembles him – a popular cuisine that respects traditional know-how and culinary heritage, that reassures without betraying anything.

A cuisine that shows that we can move forward without giving up and transmit emotion. For Sébastien, plant-based cuisine allows mentalities to evolve, to be enriched by what we had forgotten, to see further and to open up to new possibilities, to finally feed ourselves on the best of everything.

Translated by Malvika Kathpal

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